It is known that the game was first played in Northern Europe – Latvia and Estonia around 1925-1927. Seamen, while visiting ports of England, played a similar game in the local pubs.

The first tables were made from blueprints brought back from England. At the beginning novuss was played in port cities Ventspils, Liepaja, and Tallin. In some countries, novuss is also known by Estonian name koroona.

Novuss rules were published and first championship of Latvia held in 1932.During the Second World War, the game of novuss ceased for a while but was re-established quickly after the war. This time it was adopted in many other countries and currently is played in United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, England, Georgia, Germany, and Israel. It is heard that koroona is also played in Finland.

Several open novuss championships are conducted in North America every year. The novuss centers are located in New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

Leons Shahnasarians (Left)
9 Time North American Champion with M. Saharians

 Making of a novuss table at home

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